What Is Discovery Camp?

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A Professional Opportunity For Students To Explore Careers In Healthcare

Making the decision to pursue a career in healthcare is a difficult one. Especially if you are still in highschool. How do you know what you really want to be? Doctor? Nurse? Surgeon? What’s the difference?

If I already have an idea, what should I study first? Do I even need to go to college? Where exactly do I get started? Most importantly, what do these doctors and nurses actually DO all day?

That is where Discovery Camp comes in. Discovery Camp is a set of summer camps packed full of hands-on activities centered around exploring careers in healthcare.

Figuring Out What You DON’T Want To Be

When asked the question, “How do I know what I want to be?”, we always answer, “Figure out what you DON’T want to be.”

Choosing a career is a commitment. There will be years of study and school before you ever get to help someone in the field. How can you be sure you will enjoy the day-to-day experience? The short answer is: you can’t be sure.

The only way to be confident in your decision on a healthcare career is to take the initiative, get yourself out there, and engage directly with practicing professionals. Get your hands dirty and see what these professionals actually DO!

This Is Why You Attend Discovery Camp

Discovery Camp not only provides students the opportunity to participate directly in hands-on activities, it also gives students the chance to engage directly with the healthcare professional who performs the duty.

1) Professional Panels

Professional Panels are times when one or several healthcare professionals are available to the students for questioning. Often during lunch, these are free-form question and answer conversations.

2) Hands-On Activities

Discovery Camp is full of different activities each year. Some of those activities include things like:

Dummy Intubation – Insert a breathing tube into a dummy.
Phelps Air – See the emergency air medical services equipment and team.
Draw Blood – Practice drawing blood from a fake arm.
Suture Workshop – Practice giving stitches to fruit.

3) Job Shadowing Hours

Many different programs require job shadowing hours to be completed before you can enroll. Students at Discovery Camp can receive job shadowing hours. This is a great way to get pre-requisites out of the way!

4) Participate In “Stop The Bleed” Campaign

Discovery Camp students will receive training in “stop the bleed.” This is a nation wide awareness campaign designed to train bystanders to assist in a mass-casualty or emergency situation until trained professionals arrive.

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