One of the most difficult tasks in any career is appropriate networking. This is one of largest advantages AHEC has to offer. Getting students paired with the right professionals, health systems, and communities is an enormous part of AHEC’s day-to-day operations. AHEC offers a wide variety of resources and advantages to health professions students looking to advance their careers.

Clinical Training & Rotations

The importance and benefits of clinical training cannot be understated. But not all clinical training is created equal. When setting up your clinical training you want to take several things into consideration.

You want to consider:
1) Who you will be training with?
2) What is the facility where you will be training?
3) How is this advancing your long-term goals?

AHEC can help you schedule the perfect clinical rotation to meet your career goals!

Looking for a Nurse Practitioner rotation, please use the below link to register.

Student Housing

There are countless certifications, training programs, and events for students to attend. These activities help advance students’ careers as well as their practical knowledge and skills.

Too often however, these activities may take days or weeks to complete and require the students to travel. Many students are excluded, not due to lack of interest or motivation, but instead due to logistics. They want to attend the training, they just can’t find / afford a place for two weeks only.

This is where AHEC comes in. If you are a student in the health professions and need to travel for an odd amount of time, we can help you get accomodations.

Mid-MO AHEC maintains Student Housing available year-round throughout the state of Missouri.

Academic Didactics

Many health professions programs and curricula require a certain number of hours of Academic Didactics.

Mid-MO AHEC schedules and runs a wide variety of presentations, boards, and lectures that qualify for didactic hours.

These are highly informative and help advance student knowledge in very practical ways! Check our calendar for upcoming events.

Interprofessional Education (IPE)

The future of practice across the country is “patient centered care.” This is a tranformational process that will take years to complete.

The foundation of this transformation is interprofessional education. Doctors, nurses, and all health care professionals of the future will need to be able to communicate clearly and effectively on the issues facing a given patient.

IPE is where we learn, with, from 
and about each other…

The connections between your pharmacist, psychiatrist, physical therapist, and dietician are numerous. However, these connections aren’t always obvious.

Get a head-start on the future of medical practice. IPE is very important, but also very difficult to coordinate. Mid-MO AHEC is your connection to the most advanced forms of IPE that are being offered.