Health Careers Coordinator

(573) 458-7281

Need career exploration opportunities for your students or school? Reach out to our Health Careers Coordinator for more information.

Clinical Education Coordinator

(573) 458-7578

Clinical rotations are difficult to schedule, but finding the right one is very important. Reach out to our Clinical Education Coordinator to see how we can help you get the perfect rotation.

Student Education Coordinator

(573) 458-7553

If you want to engage in hands-on activities, interprofessional education (IPE), or student-lead service projects our Student Education Coordinator is your go-to. This includes health professions students as well as providers and educators who want to develop high fidelity programming.

Digital Library Project Director

(573) 458-7282

Need medical resources for your institution? Reach out to our Digital Library Project Director and see how you can access our library resources at a fraction of the cost of other resource providers.

Outreach Librarian

(573) 578-5848

Already have access to the MAHEC Digital Library, but have a question? Call our Outreach Librarian and get a solution ASAP.

Executive Director

(573) 458-7576

Have a high-level idea or proposal to help us accomplish our mission? Reach out to our Executive Director to speak with the best in the business.