Due to staffing issues Job Shadowing placements will be suspended until 08/15/2022.
You can still begin the registration process but will not be contacted or scheduled until after 08/15/2022.
Thank you for your patience.

Important Notes Before You Start

  1. The following application is for job shadowing at Phelps Health’s various hospital departments.
  2. We CANNOT schedule job shadowing with physicians. If you want to job shadow a physician you need to personally make arrangements. However, if they practice at Phelps Health you will still need to complete this application.
  3. This process is only good for the first 24 hours of job shadow at Phelps Health. Additional job shadowing requires completion of an online training.

Step #1: Let Us Know You Are Applying For Job Shadowing

First, let us know you are starting the job shadowing application process. Fill out the form below to get an email from our Student Education Coordinator. They will be your point of contact for the scheduling & application process.

Step #2: Fill Out The Registration Form

Step #3: Schedule A Tuberculosis or PPD Skin Test (page #5) & send us proof of COVID-19 Vaccination

In order to job shadow at Phelps Health as well as many other facilities, a TB or PPD skin test is required. You can schedule this at your doctor’s office or local health department.

These tests take 2-3 days to complete. You will need to bring your application and have your healthcare provider fill out page #5, both at the initial injection and at the test reading.

Step #4: View HIPAA Presentation & Take Quiz (page #3)

Patient privacy is VERY important when working in health care. This applies to job shadowers as well as employees. Patient privacy involves more than just names and numbers, it includes what kinds of conversations you can have and even what questions you can ask.

Make sure to cover the HIPAA materials carefully, and complete the quiz located on page #3 of the application.

Step #5: Send Completed Application & Contact Us For Scheduling

Email the application to the Student Education Coordinator to get your job shadow on the schedule. The email address is listed on the first page of the application.

You can return your completed application by:
Email to your Student Education Coordinator
Mail to our Office:
1050 W. 10th St. Suite 370
Rolla, MO 65401